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Now Kid Scoop takes its quality content for teachers and kids online! A great companion product for the in-paper feature Kid Scoop. Contact us for information.

Lesson Library

A searchable database of lessons – all use the newspaper! How the Lesson Library works:


  • Choose a subject
    Teachers simply choose a subject area for which they need a lesson.

  • Search by grade and skill
    If a teacher selects the subject area “Language Arts” then the menu for skills only lists Language Arts skills. If a teacher selects “Math” then the skills would be math skills, and so on.

There is more!

Activity Pages edition of Kid Scoop! Updated weekly, this Kid Scoop format provides teachers with a Kid Scoop page in a format they can download, print and reproduce for students.

Still More Resources

  • Kid Scoop teacher guide
  • Announcements of future Kid Scoop topics
  • Interactive comprehension and vocabulary games.

Teachers aren’t the only ones!

Great, kid-friendly youth content will attract parents and kids to your website.