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Kid Scoop is a weekly, in-paper feature for children from kindergarten to eighth grade. Hands-on activities and lively illustrations draw in students and lead them to the informative text. They have fun and they learn at the same time. Each week the Kid Scoop page will capture their imaginations and encourage them to pick up the newspaper. Children are motivated to read by this time-tested, award-winning formula.

  • More than 250 newspapers include Kid Scoop products in their newspapers.
  • Children who read the newspaper have been shown to score higher on reading tests.
  • Here’s a great way to reach future readers and get them enjoying the newspaper habit.
  • Links to our Kid Scoop website for addition material for Kids, Parents and Teachers.

Kid Scoop is available in a variety of formats:

  • Color or black and white
  • Full-page, half-page, tab, or narrow web width
  • Totally Turnkey or Local
  • English or Spanish (half-page color or black and white)

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Totally Turnkey

The Totally Turnkey version of Kid Scoop replaces the Weekly Writing Corner with new content providing you with a page that’s completely ready-to-go.


If you publish the local version of Kid Scoop, your local children will submit stories for the Weekly Writing Corner column. You must select stories and format this column for publication each week. If you are just starting to publish Kid Scoop or if you need to supplement your local stories, each week we post a formatted column of stories, available with the Kid Scoop download package.

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To order the Kid Scoop page for your newspaper, contact us directly. Existing customers can login to download the page.