Kid Scoop for Newspapers


Kid Scoop Weekly

Every week throughout the year, Kid Scoop provides a lively in-paper feature that motivates kids to read, learn and enjoy.


Kid Scoop News

This monthly children’s educational newspaper is available as an E-Edition or a tab for inclusion with your newspaper.


Premium Web Content

Kid Scoop takes its quality content for teachers and kids online! A great companion product for the in-paper feature Kid Scoop.


Kid Scoop Junior

Designed to teach little learners basic literacy and number concepts.


Additional Products

Summer Reading Series

Kid Scoop publishes a 12-week series of pages to promote summer reading and foster partnerships with local companies and individuals who support literacy.


Free pages

To support Teachers and Newspapers we created pages to download free of charge with much-needed information on special topics.


The Kid Scoop archives are filled with great pages that can be ordered individually or in sets.



Kid Scoop is available in Spanish, too! Some newspapers run both the English and Spanish version together.

Teacher Scoop

Available every month, this newsletter lets teachers know what is coming up on Kid Scoop and ideas for using the newspaper in the classroom.


Teacher Guide

Want to use the newspaper in your classroom but don’t know where to start? The Kid Scoop Teacher Guide shows you how to use the weekly activity newspaper page to the utmost.