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Weekly Writing Corner Column

If you publish the LOCAL version of Kid Scoop, your local children will submit stories for the Weekly Writing Corner column. You must select stories and format this column for publication each week. Check the publication schedule and dates to make sure the stories go on the correct page. If you are just starting to publish Kid Scoop or if you need to supplement your local stories, each week we post a formatted column of stories. You may select from these if you need just a few, or you may use the entire column.

If you DON’T have local stories to publish in Kid Scoop this week—no problem! Download the Totally Turnkey version of Kid Scoop. That format is a complete page of Kid Scoop content.

Vol-Issue: 33-47 Money Trade
Pub. week beginning 10/29/2017

Weekly Writing Corner Topic Column
Halloween Jokes Download

Vol-Issue: 33-46 Halloween Phobias
Pub. week beginning 10/22/2017

Weekly Writing Corner Topic Column
Costume Ideas Download

Vol-Issue: 33-45 Otters
Pub. week beginning 10/15/2017

Weekly Writing Corner Topic Column
Talking Otter Download

Vol-Issue: 33-44 The Mighty Oak
Pub. week beginning 10/08/2017

Weekly Writing Corner Topic Column
The Oak Tree Download