Kid Scoop for Newspapers

How to Download Kid Scoop Products

The following are instructions for using Kid Scoop pages in your newspaper.

  1. Go to our login page and enter your username/password. Passwords are assigned to customers only and are sent on receipt of signed contracts.
  2. You will be redirected to the Download Zone. Select the product you wish to download.
  3. Check the publication dates and select the page you need. The publication date refers to the Sunday at the beginning of the publication week. We have several different versions of the page to choose from (more information on formats). Click on Download to download the package you want.

What You Get With Kid Scoop

Weekly Writing Corner column
If you publish the LOCAL version of Kid Scoop, you must add a contact name and address on the page in the Write On! box under “Send your story to:”. Your local children will submit stories to you by the announced deadline. You format stories for the Weekly Writing Column and publish them on the appropriate page.

If you are just starting to publish Kid Scoop or if you need to supplement your local stories, each week we post a formatted column of stories. You may select from these if you need just a few, or you may use the entire column. To download the Write On! column, follow the steps above and click on Weekly Writing Corner at the Download Menu. Check the date and click on the link to download the PDF.

Teacher Scoop
Teacher Scoop is a free, monthly newsletter you distribute to teachers using the newspaper in the classroom. It previews upcoming Kid Scoop topics, gives weekly Write On! prompts and describes lessons ideas for using the newspaper with students.

Promote Your Page
Each week, Kid Scoop provides new ads for your in-paper use to promote the next edition of the page to teachers, students and parents. Consistent publication of these ads keeps interest in Kid Scoop and your program.

Teacher Guide
The Kid Scoop Teacher Guide shows you how to use the weekly activity newspaper page to the utmost. Get more information about the Teacher guide and a download link.

Publication Schedule

This list of upcoming Kid Scoop and Weekly Writing Corner topics is updated regularly. It is designed to keep you up to date on which page and story topics are published each week.


If you ever have problems downloading or if you spot an error on the page, please contact us. We are here to help make Kid Scoop work for you!