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San Francisco Chronicle Partners with 826 Valencia to Publish Student Works

For more than 20 years, I have been listening to complaints from NIE Managers that they can’t get editors to provide space to publish youth writing or youth-oriented content.

Enter, Dave Eggers, author, publisher, screenwriter and literacy advocate. He contacts the Executive Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle with an idea to empower young people and encourage their interest in writing. What about a monthly article featuring youth reviews of movies?

And, on February 26, 2010 Eggers managed to achieve what so many before him were not. A monthly commitment on the part of The Chronicle to publish, in-paper, youth movie reviews from students at Eggers’ 826 Valencia Street literacy organization. Read the article here.

Eggers, while he has a certain celebrity, is one of many people not in the newspaper industry who understand the importance of kids reading, writing and becoming informed of current events. When a newspaper publisher or editor hears from a prominent community member that having youth content is a great idea, they hear the idea in a new way.

I am writing today to commend Eggers, and to point out the value of finding supporters and advocates in the community that will point out the significance of Newspaper in Education programs.