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NIE Case Study from NAA Foundation

Thanks to Sandy Woodcock for this inspiring announcement.

I just wanted to give you a heads up regarding a wonderful case study now live on the NAA Foundation Web site.

Many of you may know about SchoolHouse News, a program begun in January 2007, by The Patriot-News of Harrisburg, Pa., and the Harrisburg School District. The program received a World Association of Newspapers (WAN) Young Reader prize.

Now you have an opportunity to learn much more about the project and its educational impact.

Read how students citywide participated in classroom activities and completed specially designed homework assignments using home-delivered copies of the newspaper. Hard data confirmed anecdotal beliefs about newspapers’ impact on student learning. When benchmark assessment results of students participating in the program were compared with a control group, SchoolHouse News participants scored between 17 percent and 20 percent higher.

Read the NAA Foundation’s case study to learn how The Patriot-News developed and expanded the program, and to see suggestions for newspapers interested in launching similar efforts.