Kid Scoop Builds CCSS Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills

Vocabulary has been described as “all the words known and used” by a person. Having a rich and varied vocabulary has been empirically linked to academic achievement. Research supports that to retain words and comprehend meaning in text, students need … Continue reading

Understanding the Common Core Foundational Skills

The Common Core Foundational Skills are—quite literally—the “foundation” upon which all reading success is built and include: Phonological Awareness Phonics Word Recognition Fluency Phonological awareness is the ability to hear, identify and use individual sounds—phonemes—in spoken words. Phonological awareness improves … Continue reading

What are the Common Core Standards?

For over a decade educators across the nation have used a range of reading and writing standards to guide literacy instruction in classrooms. Building on this firm foundation, the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) shift gears to provide American … Continue reading

San Francisco Chronicle Partners with 826 Valencia to Publish Student Works

For more than 20 years, I have been listening to complaints from NIE Managers that they can’t get editors to provide space to publish youth writing or youth-oriented content. Enter, Dave Eggers, author, publisher, screenwriter and literacy advocate. He contacts … Continue reading

Are Newspapers Dying?

This topic has finally evolved from newspapers bemoaning their own demise to a real conversation into what is the true state of newspapers and what is needed for the future. The good news is that news content is being read … Continue reading

NIE and E-editions

Marina Hendricks of NAA received several responses to her request for information on NIE and e-editions. Below is a summary. It’s lengthy but definitely worth reading. Names, papers and other identifying details are omitted as a courtesy to those who … Continue reading

NIE Case Study from NAA Foundation

Thanks to Sandy Woodcock for this inspiring announcement. I just wanted to give you a heads up regarding a wonderful case study now live on the NAA Foundation Web site. Many of you may know about SchoolHouse News, a program … Continue reading

Young Bloggers, Online News Users Better Informed on First Amendment Rights

High school students who blog, who read online news sources and who chat online regularly are more likely to understand and support their First Amendment rights, according to a new book based on the largest survey conducted on the subject. … Continue reading

The Solution For Reaching Moms

There is a growing interest in marketing to moms. Newspapers and other businesses have learned that women make 80% of the household purchasing decisions. And, a recent study from World Newspaper Congress on the media habits of young people in … Continue reading

Service Club Presentations

Service Clubs such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Soroptimist, Lions, AAUW and more share the NIE mission of educating the youth in your community. They are partners and sponsors of NIE programs in many communities. Members of service clubs are also local … Continue reading